The Failure Club

So, I read this article the other day, and I absolutely LOVE it! The idea behind the failure club is that, in order to suceed at anything truly amazing, you have to double your rate of failure. In other words, you have to pick a goal so lofty and insurmountable, that there is almost no way you can achieve it. You will surely fail. But… BUT, if you truly believe that you can learn from failure and you truly believe you can achieve it, you will eventually reach the goal.

In other words, it is my exact reason for choosing to run a marathon. I want to run it because others say I can’t, I won’t, I am not strong enough.

But they have another thing coming, because I can, and I will. I have no doubt in my mind that on October 7th, 2012, I will complete my first marathon. I know it won’t be the last marathon for me either…. 

Why, you may ask, would I choose to pursue a goal that uses failure to achieve success? Because, in life, the things worth doing are often the closest to impossible. I want to push my body to a new level of endurance. I want to push my mind and my heart to the limit. I want to achieve something extraordinary

I am only at the bottom of the mountain. I know there will be a lot of pain. But I also know there will be a lot to gain and I can’t wait! Bring it on….

kellyelli ❤