So, I ended up taking a much longer break than anticipated. I worked the last 6 days, and just had NO energy whatsoever. I had no motivation to run, all I wanted to do was sleep. But after the past day or two of catching up on rest, I finally returned from my 4-day hiatus from running…. thank goodness! I really need some inspiration and motivation! But today I did a 5 miler while my little brother skateboarded nearby and kept my mind off of the running. It was a blast! We just told stories the whole time… I love that boy!!!! He’s growing up so fast… He’s only half an inch shorter than me!

Anyways, let me know if you have any inspiration tips and tricks, because I sorely need some!

I just started Born to Run last night in an attempt to motivate myself to run. I am only 10 pages in or so, but I’m hopefully going to read some more tonight! I also started The Pinball Theory of the Apocalypse today, I’m borrowing it from a friend. Andddddd I have a midterm and paper due Saturday that I haven’t started! Andddd I have orientation for work on Friday, my grandma flying in Saturday, and a million other things going on….. So we’ll see how the week goes!

Also, I just discovered a new blog that I like called Enjoying the Small Things ( I am an avid reader of the Whatever blog ( because I love her photography so much! But I stumbled across a post on the former blog about making a weekly bucket list, and it really struck a chord with me. One of my favorite suggestions was “Pay for someone’s order behind me in the drive through line.” I think that’s such a neat idea! I’m going to try that before the week is over, and I’ll let you know how it goes! But it also reminded me of the current active project on one of my all-time favorite blogs BOOOOOOOM ( I have followed this site religiously for at least 3 years and love everything Jeff Hamada curates. The active project right now is called Booooooom Challenges and it correllates with the weekly bucket list. Right now the challenge is “Buy someone else lunch for absolutely no reason” and before it was something along the lines of “Smile at a stranger today.” This really inspired me as well. So, without further ado, here is my weekly bucket list:

  • Pay for someone’s order behind me in the drive through line
  • Smile at a stranger 
  • Run 7 miles 
  • Have a family movie night
  • Read for an hour a night
  • Start an art project
  • Start core and balance in my training
  • Do all of the scheduled workouts this week!

I am hoping that even though these are small things, they will add up to be something big! I love making people smile and I hope that I can make the most of my time at home with my family, the most of my time at work by helping my coworkers and guests, and the most of my free time by doing things I love!

Thanks for reading!

kellyelli ❤