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Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about The Impossible List?! ( Well, I finally started my own! It’s definitely a work in progress, and probably always will be, but I like it that way! For those of you who are wondering what exactly this list means, it is basically a list of things I want to do because they seem impossible but are fully achievable when you dedicate time and plan ahead! It is slightly different than a bucket list because it has a different goal, but most of the things on this list would also be on my bucket list.

So without further ado, here is the beginning of my impossible list:

Fitness goals:

  • Run a marathon (In progress!)
  • Run an ultramarathon (50 miles)
  • Run a trail race
  • Run a color race (ie.
  • Run a race for charity and raise a significant amount of money

$$$ goals:

  • Pay off all of my student loans before I turn 27 years old
  • Start a retirement fund when I graduate college
  • Make a down payment on a house by the time I am 30
  • Raise $ for charity consistently, but more importantly, volunteer and work to help others directly
  • Live significantly below my means so I can save money and help others who need it more than me

Creative goals:

  • Have a solo art show
    • I am currently working towards a 2 person show at the end of October 2012 in Milwaukee!
  • Make a living doing what I love
  • Create a piece of work every day for 365 days
  • Take at least one art class a year
    • So far 1998-2011 is done!
  • Try every type of art possible
    • Black & white darkroom photography
    • Screen printing
    • Lithography
    • Wood printing
    • Etching
    • Monoprints
    • Watercolor
    • Ceramics
    • Acrylic
    • Oil painting
    • Sewing
    • Crochet
    • Knitting
    • Scratchboard
    • Sculpture
    • Glass
    • Collage
    • Mixed Media
    • Ink

Education goals:

  • Graduate in two and a half years with a masters in occupational therapy
  • Participate in continuing education for the remainder of my career
  • Go back to school for my doctorate before I turn 30
  • Pursue general education in the following areas
    • art: life drawing, film photography, oil painting, sculpture
    • philosophy
    • medicine/therapy
    • business/finances
    • math: statistics and calculus

People-oriented goals:

  • Help a stranger in a significant way
  • Change a persons life for the better
  • Help people every day through my job as a health care provider, and provide the best care possible for all of my patients
  • Inspire someone to make a big lifestyle change by being a positive role model for them (ie. go back to school, start exercising, quit smoking, etc.)
  • Treat everyone how I want to be treated
  • Be a role model for younger kids
  • Continue to have a strong family relationship throughout my life
  • Take care of my parents when they are older

Travel Goals:

  • Visit every continent
    • North America
      • Mexico
      • Canada
      • USA
    • South America
      • Brazil
      • Argentina
      • Guatamala
      • Peru
      • Chile
    • Europe
      • Ireland
      • Scotland
      • Italy
      • Spain
    • Asia
      • South Korea
      • Japan
      • Mongolia
      • China
      • India
      • Thailand
    • Africa
      • Sudan
      • Congo
      • Madagascar
    • Antarctica
    • Australia
  • Learn 4 languages fluently
    • English
    • Spanish (Intermediate)
    • American Sign Language (Intermediate)
    • Italian???
  • Visit all 50 States (So far: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming –> 15 states!)
  • Go to some major worldwide events
    • Olympics
    • Oktoberfest in Germany
    • San Fermin in Spain
    • New Years Eve in New York City Times Square
    • Mardi Gras in New Orleans
    • Lollapalooza in Chicago
    • Coachella in California
    • Glastonbury in England
    • St. Patricks Day in Ireland

Experience Goals:

  • Witness a miracle
  • Marry my best friend
  • Learn to forgive 100%
  • Learn to meditate
  • Learn to lucid dream
  • Take time every day to do something I love
  • Tell the people I love that I appreciate and love them every day

Okay, that’s all for now! Maybe once a month or so I will update this list and add new things! Until then, you should write your own list! Even if you just jot a few goals down that you want to accomplish in the next 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years, that’s a great start! Happy writing!

kellyelli ❤


So, I just discovered this AWESOME blog called “The Impossible List”
I loved it so much, I had to quote the entire first page of the website, so here it is…
It really inspires me and rings true to why I am running a marathon in the first place. I hope I can do similar things in the future!
Here is the website:

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney

The impossible list is NOT a bucket list. I used to settle for the possible things in life. The sure thing. The safe choice. It was safe, it was realistic and it was boring as hell. But there was a problem: everything that was “possible” was too easy. I needed a challenge.

The impossible list is that challenge. This list of impossible things contains all the things I ever thought I couldn’t do because it was “impossible.” The sort of things that I assumed the cool guys on TV only ever got to do. The things I never thought that would be able to do.

This is my list of impossible things. I’m constantly crossing things off it as I accomplish them and adding to it when needed and I’ll be making regular updates about my journey on the blog.Maybe you’re bored, maybe you’re tired of simply attempting what’s considered “possible”, maybe you just want to try something different. This blog is for you.

Feel free to follow my journey via RSS or Email or start your own impossible list if you feel like it. If you do, send me an email and let me know. I’d love to hear about it what impossible things you’re doing. If you’d like to help make any of these impossible things happen – let me know – I’m all ears.

The Impossible List


  • Change 1 Person’s Life For The Better
  • Help 100 Entrepreneurs Better Their Lives Through Micro-Loans at [54/100]
  • Fund 50 Kickstarter projects to help entrepreneurs start their Biznass [3/50].



  • Visit Every Continent
    • North America
    • South America
    • Europe
    • Asia
    • Australia
    • Antarctica (and do something ridiculous here)
    • Africa
  • Go Swimming in Every OceanTravel For 1 Year Straight
    • Pacific
    • Atlantic
    • Indian
    • Arctic
    • Southern/Antarctic
  • Get a 2nd U.S. Passport
  • Obtain dual citizenship with another country.
  • Own a small flat in 4 different countries.
  • Live on the beach in some tropical country for 3 months.
  • Do A Cross Country Road Trip And Make a Film About It
  • Do A Round-The-World Trip And Make A Film About It
  • Visit Iguazu Falls
  • Start Impossible Island


  • Go without internet for a month [July 2009]
  • Go without a car for a month [February 2012 & Counting]
  • Count & document all my crap
  • Own less than 300 things
  • Create a “Getaway” Backpack [I’m really excited about this]

Adrenaline Rushes

  • Go Skydiving [May 1, 2011, June 3, 2011]
  • Go Bungee Jumping [June 6,  2011]
  • Go Scubadiving
  • Go Paragliding
  • Go Parasailing [August 2009]
  • Learn to Surf
  • Learn to Kitesurf [May 14th, 2012 – Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic]
  • Bike Across America
  • Be a Part Of A Flash Mob
  • Climb a Volcano [Summer ’04 – Mt. Pacaya, Guatemala & May ’07 Kilauea, Hawaii] Maybe more?
  • Go Zorbing
  • Learn To Freedive
  • Learn Windsurfing
  • Go Indoor Skydiving


  • Be an Extra in a Movie [November 12, 2010]
  • Go to the airport and buy a ticket without knowing where I’m going.
  • Get something named after me.

Events To Attend

  • Visit Burning Man And Document It

  • Participate in Tomatina
  • Running of the Bulls

  • Coachella

  • Mardi Gras

  • See The Northern Lights And Do A Time Lapse Film Of It

  • SxSw [March 2012]

Rennaisance Man

  • Learn To DJ
  • Learn to Fly A Plane
  • Learn To Breakdance
  • Create a video that gets international coverage
  • Get To Space
  • Go Slacklining
  • Become Fluent In 4 Languages
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Mandarin
    • French
    • Italian
    • Esperanto


  • Start my own marketing agency [December 12th, 2011]
  • Make a full-time living online.
  • Start an international company.
  • Put $100,000 in the bank.
  • Give $100,000 away.
  • Create a million dollar company.
  • Make Impossible HQ into a Business.
  • Speak at a Fortune 50 Company [Target HQ – February 17th, 2012]
  • Create an Apparel Line [October 3, 2012]
  • Take the Impossible Brand Beyond Apparel
  • Get Something Named Impossible
  • Start A Business Incubator.
  • Write an e-book [RMG: December 25th, 2010] [Impossible Manifesto: December 6th, 2011] [Impossible TRI: February 28th, 2012]
  • Publish a real physical book.
  • Start a successful blog
    • 1,000 Subscribers
    • 10,000 Subscribers
    • 25,000 Subscribers
    • 50,000 Subscribers
I think I’m going to write an impossible list of my own! So look out for one later this week…
kellyelli ❤

Here’s a recap of week 3:

Mon: Rest + worked all day!

Tues: Rest + worked all day!

Wed: 5 miles

Thurs: 5 miles

Fri: Rest + work

Sat: 7 miles

Sun: Rest + work

And for week 4, I didn’t run at all until today (Sunday – 3 miles).

So……. the lesson to be learned from these awful two weeks:

I need to make time to run! I need to find the balance in my life and work on time management. Once my class in done in 2 weeks and work settles down it will get easier, but I need to stop making excuses! I need to live an excuse-free life! I also need to find the discipline to run consistently, or else I will never have enough training to succeed.

So, my goal this week is to RUN EVERYDAY and to find time and balance in my life.

I started running with a good friend of mine from high school who is finally home for the summer! I am so excited that he is supportive of my marathon goal and wants to help me get there! He is one of the only people so far who has actually been supportive, and I am so thankful for good friends like him!

Does anyone have advice for staying consistent in running everyday? Or for time management or self discipline? I could really benefit from any tips and tricks! One friend of mine on dailymile (facebook for runners!!! go check it out!!!) suggested that food is a great motivator.

Here is her trick: if you don’t run, you don’t get any sweets or junk food that day! 

I think that is a great idea for me!!! I need to have a better diet and I need to run more, so this might help me balance both things!

So anyway, I am excited to start fresh this week and make up for some lost miles! Please let me know if you have any advice or tips for me! Have a great week 😀

kellyelli ❤

Hey there wordpress,

My name is Kelly and I am a college student in Wisconsin, but I am from southern California. Over the past few years, I have been assembling a bucket list, and this spring I had the opportunity to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams and one of the top things on my bucket list: to run a marathon!

This spring, my college decided to compete against another college in the Lakefront Marathon this fall, on October 7, 2012. It was the perfect opportunity! I start grad school this fall, and I have all summer to train, so I had nothing to lose! I signed up a few months ago, and the 20 week training program started last Monday, on May 21st. I am going to record my progress, my hopes and aspirations, my inspiration, and the obstacles I encounter on this blog. I have another blog that is mostly pictures and artwork, so this blogging experience is new to me! I hope that this will help me get through the next 2o weeks of grueling training, and will inspire me to get through those last 26.2 miles!

I am so excited to start this journey and I have no doubts that I can finish my first marathon in a few months! I hope this blog inspires you to run, but more importantly I hope it inspires you to pursue the impossible, live life to the fullest, and to make goals and work towards them every day until you are successful! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the ride!

Kellyelli ❤