My bucket list… first up, a marathon!

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Okay, this week was crazy! My relatives are here from out of town and I worked a ton, so I only got 3 runs in! Very hectic week…


Mon Rest

Tues 6 miles

Wed Rest

Thurs 8 miles

Fri Rest

Sat Rest

Sun 11 miles

For a whopping total of 25 miles! I am definitely shooting for much better this week…

Well, I hope everyone is having a great week! Keep on running!

kellyelli ❤


Alright, here’s the recap of this week!

Mon: Rest

Tues: 4

Wed: 6

Thurs: 6

Fri: 3

Sat: Rest

Sun: 11 miles

I’m so excited to be on week 8! I am almost half way done with the training!!! I only have 16 more training runs that are longer than 10 miles! Also, big news: I reached the 200 mile mark on my training! This includes everything I’ve ran since I got my new shoes, which is basically since the beginning of April! I think I’m on mile 217 or something like that!

So, unfortunately, this week marks the return of my shin splints!!! I had them in high school when I ran cross country and track. I couldn’t get rid of them for two and a half years so I took a 2 year hiatus from running. Then I started running again my first year of college and have been running since. BUT, they are back! I really didn’t miss them. But oh well…. I might take a break after the marathon until January so that they can heal. Until then, lots of stretching and icing! I might even get some tape so I can start taping for long runs…

Today (Monday), I took the day to rest because my legs were so dead from the 11 yesterday! Work was hectic and running around all day didn’t help. So hopefully the 6 miler will go well tomorrow.

Look for another inspiration post this week! Sorry I never posted one this week, I worked the past 5 days or so and I’ve been busy!

Happy running!

kellyelli ❤

Here’s a recap of week 3:

Mon: Rest + worked all day!

Tues: Rest + worked all day!

Wed: 5 miles

Thurs: 5 miles

Fri: Rest + work

Sat: 7 miles

Sun: Rest + work

And for week 4, I didn’t run at all until today (Sunday – 3 miles).

So……. the lesson to be learned from these awful two weeks:

I need to make time to run! I need to find the balance in my life and work on time management. Once my class in done in 2 weeks and work settles down it will get easier, but I need to stop making excuses! I need to live an excuse-free life! I also need to find the discipline to run consistently, or else I will never have enough training to succeed.

So, my goal this week is to RUN EVERYDAY and to find time and balance in my life.

I started running with a good friend of mine from high school who is finally home for the summer! I am so excited that he is supportive of my marathon goal and wants to help me get there! He is one of the only people so far who has actually been supportive, and I am so thankful for good friends like him!

Does anyone have advice for staying consistent in running everyday? Or for time management or self discipline? I could really benefit from any tips and tricks! One friend of mine on dailymile (facebook for runners!!! go check it out!!!) suggested that food is a great motivator.

Here is her trick: if you don’t run, you don’t get any sweets or junk food that day! 

I think that is a great idea for me!!! I need to have a better diet and I need to run more, so this might help me balance both things!

So anyway, I am excited to start fresh this week and make up for some lost miles! Please let me know if you have any advice or tips for me! Have a great week 😀

kellyelli ❤

Hey everyone!

Soooooo, it’s been a long week. I worked a lot last week and this week. I’m in the middle of working 6 days in a row at the moment, so I’m just plain exhausted! 5:30am shifts are the WORST.

Anyway…. Here’s a recap of week 2 of training for my first-ever marathon!

Mon: rest

Tues: 4 miles

Wed: 5 miles

Thurs: 4 miles

Fri: 3 miles

Sat: rest

Sun: 4 miles (for tomorrow!)

Which brings my week’s mileage to 20 miles, and my subtotal for weeks 1 and 2 to 34 miles!

Thanks for the support everyone!

kellyelli ❤

Okay, so I started the official 20-week training for my first marathon this past Monday, May 21st. Here are my stats for the week:

Mon: 3 miles

Tues: rest

Wed: 3 miles

Thurs: 3 miles

Fri: rest

Sat: 5 miles

Sun: rest

and today (Monday) I also rested, even though I was supposed to do a 4 miler… hopefully I can make it up tomorrow! This week I am hoping to start some core training too.

All in all, I wasn’t too sore this week, but I have a feeling some of the longer runs coming up will make me sore! I can’t wait though…. Also, I will be posting some of my favorite sources of inspiration for running over the next few days, so make sure to check back soon!

Kellyelli ❤